Valkrey's Hold

Session I


  Awesome first session guys, great way to apply the Role playing factor to the game. You defiantly took me for some turns I didn't expect. I  

  • Decar, Kesla, Celene, and Angeon Answered the call of the queen, And set up at the Silvery Sun.
  • Gained the task of finding Lady Cantrell's Son, and stop the band of thugs attacking caravans along the Traders run road.
  • Formed up a awesome trap ( fake caravan ) where they drew out the thugs.
  • Decar ( Half Orc Knight) launches up out of the wagon taunting the thugs, only to find himself narrowly missed by a crossbow bolt that flew right by his face.
  • Celene, ( the scout of the party) dismounted and moved into position as she readied her long bow,
  • Angeon Stands and puts his helm on and jumps down from the wagon to face the nearest thug.
  • Kesla casted a Shield disk to protect her from any projectiles.
  • The battle didn't last long, even though the thugs gave the group a good run.
  • Decar grappled the one unconscious thug, While Angeon threatened to smash his toes if he didn't give up the location of the Hideout.
  • That was all the thug needed to hear, he gave up the location and they let him go.
  • Upon entrance to the hideout they came into a hallway, there were 2 doors halfway down and an archway located at the end leading into another room.
  • Room 1 the party found themselves surprised by a group of orcs and goblins, once disposed of they searched and retrieved loot from the 3 chests in the room
  • Room 2 had two goblins waiting behind a hidden door. However the trap set to seal off part of the party was avoided by Kesla's Kinetic ability to lift the Pouch off the pedestal causing the cage to come down around it without trapping any party members, they made quick work of these 2 goblins, and made their way to the room at the end of the hall.
  • There were 2 Gryphon statues; one at each end of the hall, above them hung a Talbard with the same symbol as those of the guards in city. They found that the statues had a lever, but decided to avoid it and moved on.
  • Entering into a short hallway that curved to the left and came to a end with 3 doors, one left, one right and one straight ahead. Celene took point and decided to search each door, Not finding any traps, attempted to unlock the door, only to be surprised by an arrow springing out from the door, narrowly missing her head.
  • The second door had the same such trap, however, when it went off it missed both Celene, and Decar who was directly behind her, buy caught Kesla by surprise.
  • They finally got the door open and moved into the most peculiar hallway in the place. Extremely well lit, with torches every 2 feet, Celene kept a strong eye out and noticed that there was a pressure plate in the hallway on the floor. Warning her party they made it safely to the spiral staircase at the end of the hall
  • Leading into the room where there was nothing. Bare walls and floor. As they entered Decar stepped upon a trigger, causing plates to slide open on the floor, and followed by a click, there were 4 balls slung straight up towards the ceiling. Celene and Angeon showing impressive dexterity were able to catch 2 of the balls, the other 2 impacted the ceiling, (thunderclap) they went off and the effect dazed the group for 3 rounds.
  • Upon impact the noise warned the group of bandits below, 2 orcs, and 2 goblins.
  • The thought of the group being dazed would make the encounter interesting, but the impressive ability of Celene with her Longbow quickly made the numbers more to their favor, and they made quick work of the rest of them.
  • As they left this room there were 2 exits both leading down to a room where there was a rug running from wall to wall, and at the end of the room near the only other exit in the room was an empty bookshelf, Upon further investigation they found a lever which caused the bookshelf to move revealing a hidden room, in the room was a chest, not lock and not trapped, Kesla with great quickness ran over and opened the chest, only to find a scroll hidden inside. As she lifted it she noticed that the spell itself was magical, glowing in a bright white essence. She quickly put it into her pouch and they moved on to the next room
  • As they opened the door to the room next to them, it was abnormally tough to push open, once open they realized hit was due to the lever that was being opened with the door. The lever Opened up four small compartments on the floor each holding an item, A pair of leather gloves, 250G, A letter, 2 vials of Cure light wounds.
    •   <font> The letter: </font><font>"You have impressed me today; it's been long since I have seen such skill from any adventurer.        Continue and see me, Continue and try to defeat my last challenge.</font>
  • As they exited the room they came to a platform where the only way off the platform was to cross a Tree trunk bridge. This bridge had no such railing and was lit by the torches which came off the trunk.
  • Celene, suspicious of the bridge pleaded to check out the bridge prior to the party crossing. While crossing the bridge looking closely for grease, or slippery spots she mistakenly stepped on a trigger which activated the trap, the bridge started to spin. Celene was able to catch one torch and hold on for a round, but was unable to keep holding on and inevitably fell to the pool below, taking fall damage; She climbed up to the platform and led the party across the bridge safely.
  • Entering the next room they realized it was massively larger than any other room they have seen thus far. They were greeted by the man Celene and Kesla saw in the Slippery snake. He said he had one last Challenge and that he was impressed up to this point of their skills.
  • He pointed to the doors on the side, where 2 Dragon kin came out, Large and well geared out in Full plate, and both wielding a +2/+2 double sided sword.
  • As the battle began one dragon kin took flight, only to be tested by Decars Test of Metal, Kesla Casted Mirror image, making it harder them to hit her, and Angeon with his dwarven like attitude charged in to attack the one still on the ground.
  • Celene took a distance approach, Firing her bow from a distance Laying down some awesome damage, and moving into a flanking ability.
  • The flying Dragon kin, came in swooping down on Decar with an unsuccessful claw attack, the second one came in with a miss on Angeon as well. The Dragon kin seemed to me more focused on the Heavily armored party members,
  • Kesla followed up her mirror image with that of Blur, making it that much harder for anyone to successfully hit her.
  • Celene kept assisting Angeon against his opponent, firing one arrow after another as she kept moving around trying to get into a flanking position.
  • Angeon Came in on his target with some force, striking hard, the dragon kin took a good blow.
  • Decar unable to reach his target used his Knights challenge, Declaring his challenge to the flying Dragon kin.
  • The Dragon kin Came swooping down with a successful claw attack on Decar, only to land from flight 10feet from his position. Turning to face him.
  • Angeon's Dragon kin came in with a slash of his Sword, connecting with a good strike.
  • Celene continuing to lay down the damage, and moving closer to her desired flanking position.
  • Kesla moves over to where she can get a clear shot on Decar's Dragon kin target, casting Burning hands, ( the attack was successful, but the dragon kin are resistant to Fire, so damage was negated). Attack canceled Decar's Test of Metal, effect
  • Next came a special attack by both dragon kin on Decar, and Angeon. They used their Breath weapon, both doing substantial damage.
  • Decar, not taking kindly to the fire damage, Came in with a ferocious hit, doing strong damage, only to see his target draw back in pain.
  • Angeon showing his strength connected with a good shot, trying to keep pace with his partner Decar, Striking the Dragonkin with some good dam.
  • Following Angeon's dam, Celene struck the Dragonkin with a arrow doing enough dam to drop the target,
  • With only one left Kesla casted acid splash on her target, and following that the dragonkin came in with one last attack of disparity hitting Decar, bringing him low.
  • Decar refusing to take defeat as possibility, followed up the dragon kin's attack with one of equal force, inevitably dropping the creature to his death.
  • After searching they found that the Red tinted full plate wore by the one targeting Decar was magical. As well, they were approached by the man who was there prior to the battle.
  • Introducing himself as Jaylix, Son of Lady Cantrell he informs them that they were part of Test run. That everything they had just endured had been placed there purposely to see how they would react. How they would respond to the situations.
  • As well he presented them with a wooden box. And told them to present this to Lady Cantrell.
  • When arriving back to the city. Decar approached Calvin, and asked if he was aware of the task they were on, as test. He answered yes; it was not to deceive you, only to keep you honest.
  • Lady Cantrell first apologized for any feeling of being deceived the party may feel. And let them know that she was pleased with their ability to find information and successfully make it through their challenge alive. She also let them know that there will be more challenges they will have to complete, prior to them being sent on the task wich they have been summoned here to complete. This is for the party to grow a comradery.
  • Here they wait having their items inspected and repaired, and waiting for Lady Cantrell to send them on their next challenge.
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