As the days become darker and the nights grow colder, Lady Cantrell cannot help but to wonder when the time will come, the time where she looks out from her balcony overlooking the city of Cantrell, only to see in the distance an army of the masses storming over the mountain range, the one thing that divides their peaceful land from that of the evil wasteland of Burzum Fauth. She knew there needed to be something done. She knew that they could not sit and wait, with hopes that the evil that pushed them from their home land would be content.

            She could not wait any longer. Lady Cantrell the very next morning sent messages out to the neighboring towns of Dol Ungol, Tuare Osta's, and Towering Peaks, Requesting a meeting with the leaders.

            When the time came each member representing both their race and their towns entered the meeting hall located on the first floor of Lady Cantrell's home. They each showed equal respect to each other, respect that they would not have been so quick to show had the situation been different. Each member knew what this meeting was about. They needed to come up with a new plan. A plan to rid their life's of the evil pushing down on them.

            The previous plan was a good plan. They knew they needed to strike the evil in the heart. Go for their leader. However, their plan was flawed from the beginning. No group of adventurers would be able to perform such a demanding task as this without proper trust and comrodery amongst each other.

            The meeting lasted weeks. They went over many different ideas of ways to develop a group to have such qualities, but none was sufficient enough. Each showed their own flaws. Then came the idea of letting an adventuring group come to them. From that moment they started coming up with individual ideas to test any adventuring group that would be willing to take on their task. They would send out flyers to all cities, in hopes that the word of mouth would spread further.

            That day they developed what seemed to be a sure fire plan to acquire an adventuring group with all the necessary qualities and skills to set them free once and for all.

Somewhere there is a group destined to bring serenity to thier lands. setting them free once and for all.

Is that someone you?  



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