Character development

This Campaign has been develped with the hopes of a well rounded party. any class any race. we welcome all.

Starting lvl 5th.

Starting equipment: anything found in the PH equipment chapther. any other item must be approved by the DM.

Starting gold: for your character to purchase such equipment is 20,000.

I would appreciate any background to your character prior to the session in which he or she will be making their debut.

When rolling stats for your character use the standard 4d6 dropping the lowest, you may roll 2 sets of stats and choose the best of the two. Note: at (1st lvl) not one of your stats may be any lower then 12. I impliment this only to allow each character the ability to have a minimum of 1 in their ability modifier. So if you were to roll a 10 or 11 you would document it as a 12.

Any other questions on the build of your character please PM me and ill get back to you post haste.


Character development

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