House rules

Due to the fact that i am so new to the DM scene i would appreciate as minimal side conversation as possible. i want to make this as enjoyable for everyone as possible.

In addition i would like to encourage anyone to challange me with anything they believe i may be doing outside the ordinary rules of the game. I may be doing things without realizing, or i may be doing them for a reason. either way, the reinforcement of game rules is crutial to me in making the campaign run as smoothly as possible.

At the beginning of each session each person will roll a D8 for each character they may be playing during that session. This will result in the number of Spins the character will be alotted for that session. ( I got this rule from my friend sammy, a master DM) This is to help keep the game results alittle more random.

With the process of leveling your character, any person withing 500 exp from their next level will be granted the 500exp to allow them to level before the next session.


House rules

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