When Creating your character its good to know what to expect out of the campaign your designing him to be in. thats why i have decided to give you some ideas to go buy which will help your character excell in the campaign.

The campaign is designed to challange characters in the aspect of battles and skills, both magical and phisical. However the desire to Rp is highly encouraged.

Races: any race you feel will work best for your character im all for it. Just keep in mind i will need to know any bonuses you get from having that race if it isn't in the PH. so be creative, or stick to the basics, either way.

 When purchasing items for your character, you are allowed 2 magic Items in the beginning. The price rule still stands, however the experiance will not be deducted in purchase of the items during Character Generation. 

  • When choosing magical items there is only one restriction, No Weapons.


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