Purchasing Items

Every person who creates a character has a certain direction they want to go. wheather as a wizard you want to go streight dam, or Necro. A fighter you want to have the highest AC ever recorded. these are the things that people invision when making their character. The best part about this game is the ability to achieve items to boost certain skills, abilities, accuracy, or armor. This being said i have come up with an a system of allowing the players to achieve the items they want their character to possess.

First step is to know the max value per item your character can possess.

take your Char lvl and multiply it by 1250. I.E. for a 5th lvl character you can only possess an item of max value 6250g

Getting the items in game involves an entirely different Cost.

In a world where 1 more to your A/C, or Intellagence can mean the differance between life and death, what are you willing to pay? how important is it to you? What is it worth?

When you find an item you want your character to have in game, there is nothing holding you back except for Experiance.

having an item put into the game will cost you a 15% of the items cost in experiance.

Example: a item that costs 9000g will cost you 600exp instead.

I came up with this idea only because when i look at items in the game aspect, where did you get them? how did you get them? what did you have to endure to get that item?

By paying exp it tell the Dm that you really believe the item will propell your character into the next lvl of power. The DM will take note of the item. You wont automatically recieve the item in game. however you will instintaniously recieve the negative to your experiance points. The item will show up somewhere in the game within the near future.

Keep in mind when selecting items that may drop your exp points below the lvl cap. If you do this then your character lvl will drop accordingly and you may not be able to wield the item till your lvl is back up.

 Any questions regaurding this matter contact the DM either through PM or before/after a session

Purchasing Items

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