Items found


  • 1 vial of blue liquid: once ingested will increase movement speed by 10feet.
  • 1 pair leather glove: gives +2 dexterity
  • 1 pair of goggles: known as Goggles of Ebon Hunter: Grants wearer up to 30feet Darkvision, as well as a +1 competency bonus to attack and damage rolls using ranged weapons. 
  • 1 Pair Full plate gloves: This red tented piece of armor is part of a set known as the Plate of Constitution. When worn grants the wearer +1 Constitution. Dacar wants this!
  • 1 partial set of Full Plate: Containing pieces to the set known as the Plate Of Constitution. This was found on the Dragon Kin. Consists of Chest plate, and leg plates. Combined together they give the wearer +3 Constitution. Of course Dacar wants this too!
  • Scroll: This scroll once read will inscribe into the mind, allowing the reader never to have to prepare the spell again. 2nd lvl spell. Kesla wants this!

     Shadow Sight: When cast (Only on self) Grants the ability to see any invisible items or creatures within your line of site.

*Note: Upon completing their first challenge Lady Cantrell presented Celene with the first reward of many to come for the party.

  •     Rainmaker: this Longbow has a special ability, that unlike any bow created in Palurin. Whenever you draw back on the bow you gain the ability of True Sight. This allows the person to take aim on up to two targets that are not more than 10 feet apart. The bow uses normal arrows, but the magical ability of the bow turns the arrows into 2 separate, but equally lethal arrows. Each arrow deals 1d6 points of damage to the target, however if you choose, you may only target one person; however, the arrow still turns into two. Both arrows impact your single target.

Attack Rolls: when rolling attacks on for this weapon if aiming at a single target you only have to roll one attack roll; however, if you attack 2 individuals within the required separation, you will have to roll 2 attack rolls, one for each target.

Now if a character takes a feet allowing them to fire more than one arrow at the same time, that is where this bow becomes its most lethal, The ability takes effect any amount of arrows, however it only has the ability to hit 2 targets.

Items found

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